It’s a Bit Like a Diary

Only just started blogging and I’m trying to figure out whether this is something I’m actually gonna carry on this time or it’ll again remain unfinished business taking up valuable bandwidth, much like my Tumblr account, which frankly I just couldn’t be bothered to pretend I’m a photographer. 

In my opinion though blogging feels much like a diary, except it makes you look less like a fag. 

I doubt you’re dying to find out more about me, but I’ll list important stuff as it makes me feel like I’m a person of interest. 

  • I manage “SHU Radio” – a student run podcast station at Sheffield Hallam University.
  • I enjoy my girlfriend Steph, socialising, computer games and aggravating taxpayers by spending their hard earned money on things purely recreational, such as drinking and eating too much pasta as portion control isn’t in my skill set. 
  • My family live in Florida and I like to show off by talking about my childhood there, I casually bring it up in conversation just like I have done here. 

I’m now going to add a picture to this post in an attempt to make my blog look less bland and un-interesting.



About breakingbrad

SHU Radio manager and broadcaster.

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