Stressful Social Network

I’m not usually a stressful person. But I’ve managed to stumble across a tweet that makes me want to avoid mankind altogether and live in an igloo somewhere.

“#Nothingfeelsbetterthan knowing your someone’s one & only love.”

This tweet happens to be from a guy called @KEVgotdajuice and he also happens to be a bloke with his cap turned backwards as well. Not only do I hate people who sport this fashion but when they publicly expose they’re sensitivity on the internet it makes me want to cave in my head. I have no idea what image this person is trying to create for himself but he’s managed to infuriate me more in one sentence than anyone has ever done in my entire life. 

These aren’t the only type of people on the internet that tempt me into jumping into a pit of venomous snakes to ease my psychological anguish. The other type should be forcefully packed into cages and fed nothing but toothpaste and pure orange juice with bits.

This other type being the I-want-to-publicly-narrate-my-life-and-moan-about-my-personal-issues-without-actually-naming-any-names type.

We’ve all probably had that one “friend” on the internet that thinks that if they don’t actually say the name of the person they’re having relationship troubles with it’ll make their post look more mysterious and interesting even though everyone can see who that person is because its displayed on their relationship status. 

I hope these people take up skydiving with cardboard parachutes.


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SHU Radio manager and broadcaster.

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